Thinking with you  it's all about people 

We are based in Madrid (Spain), but work and have worked internationally around the globe.

That’s why, no matter where you are from, we are willing to accompany you in your transformation.

We help all types of organizations in their transformation towards a more agile, more horizontal culture; towards a place where people can develop and grow.


# Accompaniment in the transformation and cultural change towards more agile and innovative models.
# Agile leadership development.
# Discovery of the predominant leadership model as well as gap detection in order to generate agile leadership.
# School of internal transformation, where new internal roles of the organization can be formed.
# Inspirational and motivational talks that generate awareness and clarity.
# Awareness and dissemination sessions that generate general knowledge throughout the organization.


From accompaniment, coaching, mentoring or online and face-to-face training, we adapt to the specific needs of each company so that they reach their maximum potential.


# Onsite and online training on different topics: Agility, Communication and Feedback, Effective facilitation of sessions, Visual Thinking, Design Thinking, etc.
# Facilitation of Design Thinking processes that help generate new and innovative solutions to complex needs or problems within the organization (e.g. improvement of the employee experience, change in the hiring model, etc.)
# Facilitation of work sessions where you can work on Strategy, Alignment, Prioritization, etc.

We would love to be part of the transformation you dream of, to know what your purpose is and how we can collaborate to turn it into a reality.


# Mentoring and coaching for specific roles in the organization for self-development: We work on self-knowledge, accompanying people to identify the thoughts that limit them, their biases and how they influence their decision-making and their relationships. We seek with them adaptive coping strategies for their unproductive behaviors and habits; for example, moving from control to trust. We work on identifying strengths and characteristics of each person through listening dynamics and through continuous feedback with the organization.



The organizations we collaborate with do not buy a solution, they get the way to create their own solutions.

Organizations like yours. Because big changes start with small gestures. We help you to achieve it.